Hey Wilmington! Please join me Saturday, June 16, at 11 a.m. at the Barnes & Noble store next to the Concord Mall, where I will be holding a discussion of ONCE UPON A TEAM, give a short reading and will sign as many books as I possibly can.

Saturday, June 16, 11 a.m.; Barnes & Noble, 4801 Concord Pike, Wilmington

Hey New York! On Thursday June 28, I’ll join the writers Greg Prince (co-founder of the mighty Faith and Fear in Flushing blog and author of PIAZZA: CATCHER, SLUGGER, ICON, STAR) and Dave Jordan (founder of Instraam Sports and co-author of the terrific FASTBALL JOHN) at Two Boots Pizza- Midtown East for a night dubbed “Readin’, Writin’ & Rusty.”

I just devoured FASTBALL JOHN, a revealing and funny autobio of the 1970s-era pitcher John D’Aquisto, and so I’m excited to meet Dave at this event and perhaps get his signature on my Kindle. I’ve known Greg forever; his writing about the experience of being a Met fan is the best there ever was, and his feel for Mets history is remarkable, his books are great.

Somehow we’ll all find a way to discuss our recent work and eat plenty of pizza, while also paying tribute to the late Rusty Staub, a famous New Yorker and famous eater.

This is all tied together through Two Boots founder and owner Phil Hartman, who was gracious enough to have hosted a series of similar events at his restaurants a decade ago when Greg was promoting his FAITH AND FEAR book and me the METS BY THE NUMBERS. These hangouts were great fun; I hope you can join us there.

Thursday, June 28, 7 p.m.; Two Boots Pizza: 337 Lexington Ave. (at 39th Street).